Terms and Conditions

Delivery time

The morning of the delivery you will receive a 2 hour time slot however please note this is an estimation. We promise to keep to the specified deadline as nearly as feasible, but we cannot be held liable for any failure to do so, or for any loss or delay caused by strikes, lockouts, accidents, delay in transit after leaving our facilities, or any other situation beyond our control.


We will only accept cancellation on the condition that the client reimburses us immediately for all costs and expenses committed by us up to the time of cancellation, as well as all loss of profits and other loss or damage suffered by us as a result of such cancellation. Standard cancellation
Charges are as follows:
£200 charge for cancellation within 24 hour notice.
£350 same day cancellation or call out charge for each vehicle cancelled on route to delivery.
Any orders requiring two or more vehicles cancelled on the day of delivery will be charged at 50% of the total order value. All cancellation fees are subject to VAT.

Waiting time

Upon arrival customers will have 30 minutes to unload their order, after the initial 30 minutes, a charge of £3.00 per minute will be billed every minutes until the completion of the pour. The site is expected to be ready from the start of the allocated time and you will be charged for any time spent waiting to begin.


For those orders that are to be collected there is a minimum charge of 1m³ even if your order requires less than 0.5³.

Terms Of Payment

Strictly payment via cash or credit card unless you have an active account with Q Mix Concrete. All goods supplied remain the property of Q Mix Concrete until paid for in full. Q Mix Concrete possesses the right to remove all assets not paid for in full from the site. Any damage caused in doing so will remain the responsibility of the customer.

Damage To Property

Customers must accept full responsibility for any damage that may be caused on-site. Q Mix Concrete will not accept any responsibility for damage caused by a dumper truck, concrete/screed delivery hose, or the driver whilst on site. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a safe route with no obstacles is granted for all deliveries.

Parking Liability

Customers must ensure there is a suitable delivery point/location. In the event of concrete pumping jobs, it is the customers’ responsibility to provide a suitable footpath and should provide a permit from the council for the temporary closure of the footpath – if not the customer is liable for any penalty incurred. Any parking/release fines will be passed directly onto the customer.

Conditions & Warranties

Any alleged short measures must be reported to the us within 24 hours of delivery, either by email or in writing. Q Mix Concrete’s liability shall be restricted to a replacement delivery if the concrete supplied is deemed to be defective upon examination. We will not be liable for any flaws that the customer has approved in writing and that should have been detected during the delivery inspection.The company’s maximum liability for other flaws in the concrete will be limited to the direct expenses of removal and replacement. Liability shall be accepted if the buyer can demonstrate that:

  • No extra water or other changes to the specification have been requested and incorporated into the concrete.
  • Any sampling, making, curing, testing of samples and interpretation of tests of the concrete from the vehicle has been carried out In accordance with BS1881 and BS5328.
  • The company has been given the opportunity to investigate the alleged defect and recommend remedial action.


If customer fails to take delivery of goods they will be stored free of charge for 7 days after that storage fees will apply. All orders are final and can occur addition charges if amendments are needed.

All damages need to be reported on the same day as delivery.

Delivery Off Public Highway

If a delivery requires the drivers of Q Mix Concrete to leave the public highway and drive onto private property the customer must sign a waiver. Entering private property will be done at the sole responsibility of the over signed, who will become fully responsible for any consequential damage that may occur to the property. In the event of the vehicle becoming stuck or grounded, Q Mix Concrete will look to the customer for reimbursement of all repairs or damage caused to our vehicle and loss of earnings whilst out of use.

Health & Safety Warning

Where skin comes into contact with wet concrete either directly or indirectly, the clothing must be removed and the affected area must be thoroughly washed with clean water. To avoid harm please wear suitable and protective clothing. If symptoms persist seek medical advice. Q Mix Concrete does not accept any liability for any injuries sustained.



Q MiX Concrete’s primary depot is perfectly located on the M25 junction 29 roundabout. This prime location enables us to provide a seamless collection service and efficient deliveries throughout London, Essex, Kent, and Hertfordshire. Making the hard stuff easy.

Here are some of the London areas we cover. If your area is not listed, do not worry. Contact us today for more help.


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“Amazing service, affordable prices and genuinely very helpful. I would definitely recommend Q Mix to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable supplier. Couldn’t recommend them enough!”
Robert S.
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“Very delighted with the service I received from Q Mix. I had a shed foundation done at a reasonable price and I couldn’t be happier with the service I received. The driver was very polite and helpful and the entire job was done very neatly, with no leftover mess”
Jordan Gray
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“An excellent and fast service. I phoned on Wednesday and they managed to provide me with next day delivery. They did a brilliant job and was very kind and helpful, answering all my questions. I can not praise the team that helped me enough. They were excellent from start to finish and were very efficient. Would definitely recommend Q Mix”


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